Proxy Switcher Support

Frequently Asked Questions
  • All the servers are dead!?!
  • I have placed N tickets and haven't heard back from you!
    • All tickets get a response, sort your e-mail system (check spam folder, use different e-mail provider etc.)

  • Where can I download Pro version installation?
    • There is only one installator which contains both Standard and Pro versions. Available features are determined by your keycode.

  • I placed an order but haven't received the keycode yet?
    • If you haven't received your keycode in 24 hours - submit a ticket.

  • How do I get updated versions?
    • Just install latest version from site, it will remain registered if you have the key.

  • More information available in the knowledgebase.

Technical support and latest upgrades are provided to our registered users free of charge.